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July 5th, 2019
Complete Online Application
Late-August, 2019
Phone Interviews
Mid-September, 2019
Final Decisions
Mid-September, 2019
Arrange Logistics with Girls in Tech
October 1-4, 2019
Attend GHC 2019!
Our Mission

The first mission of Girls in Tech is inclusion---not only inclusion of all female students interested in technology, but also inclusion of girls coming from any program or major at USC. We believe that it does not take a competitive engineering degree or a tech company on your resume to affirm your passion for coding or technology. We believe talent, interest, and zeal are enough to take on the tech industry as a woman’s primary career choice.

The annual Grace Hopper Conference is a great opportunity for students, especially the atypical CS student seeking to get their foot into the tech industry.
Attending the 2019 Grace Hopper Conference in Orlando opens doors for you to pursue a career path in technology, hear from women leaders, and meet prospective mentors in the industry.
You will be given the incredible opportunity to network, learn, and be a part of a thriving female technology community. You will get the exclusive chance to bypass most of the recruiting process with companies like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Apple, etc. and get in-person final stage interviews at the conference!
Lauren Champeau

Class of ‘18

“I interviewed with Square at the conference, and have had several interviews with companies I met at the conference in the weeks since. The stay and the scholarship process were seamless -- I really appreciate the emphasis on nontraditional computer science students that allowed me to attend GHC without the usual CS major background.”

Molly HE

Class of ‘19

“Overall GHC was quite an exciting and eye-opening experience for me...I remember on the first day I was really overwhelmed by how big the conference was, from taking time to walk inside the convention center to seeing 18k people in the same room, mostly women, all excited about celebrating diversity in tech. Hearing the speeches from Melinda Gates and Dr. Feifei Li were one of my favorite GHC moments because they were so inspirational.”

Elisa D'Angelo

Class of ‘20

“Grace Hopper was a life-changing opportunity - one of the most profound moments at the event for me, was listening to Melinda Gate's speech. I felt like she was speaking directly to me I learned at Grace Hopper that I can do anything, despite the limitations our society sets.”

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